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“I will work with Gwinnett County to stabilize property taxes for the residents of Dacula the same way that I have worked with the County to stabilize my own property taxes ! “

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Wade Anthony's Biography

Overview Of Wade Anthony's Life and Experience

Wade Anthony was born on the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda in 1962, migrated to New York at the age of 15 and became a U.S. Citizen in 1996.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, Masters in Business Administration, and over 80 credit hours in Internet and Web Design.  Wade is married, the father of four adult children and has been a resident of Gwinnett County since 2002.  His work experience in corporate, financial, and non-profit organizations has garnered him accolades as a savvy Project Administrator and Fundraiser over multi-million dollar accounts.  Wade was the Gwinnett County Democratic 72nd Precinct Captain in 2004 and Co-founded the Antigua and Barbuda Association of Georgia (ABAG) and is  currently Chair of the Fundraising Subcommittee.  His hobbies are writing, cycling, jogging, and photography.

EARLY LIFE:  Wade Delbert David Anthony has lived in Dacula for the past five years and has been a resident of Georgia for the past 19 years. He was born in Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean in 1962, and this island-state was a British Colony when American military bases were installed to help set a 350-mile perimeter to protect the United States from German U-Boats, and then to protect Allied forces merchant vessels during WWII.  Wade migrated with his family to New York at the age of fifteen and became a U.S. Citizen in 1996. 

EDUCATION:  Wade’s elementary education was at the private Goodwill Academy, then Hill’s Secondary School on the island of Antigua. He arrived in the United States at age 15 in 1977, when Georgia’s own Jimmy Carter was President. The New York Subway was fifty cents, a gallon of milk was ninety-nine cents, and a golden arches signature burger was also ninety-nine cents. He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School (TRHS) in The Bronx, NY.  Although TRHS was plagued with many inner-city problems ranging from high dropout rates to high drug use and other violent crimes, Wade stayed on the straight and narrow. 

After his high school graduation, Wade attended Hunter College, and later transferred and graduated Cum Laude from John Jay College of Criminal Justice (JJC) of the City University of New York (CUNY) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration. While at Hunter College, he wrote a column in the Hunter College Envoy, and then later on also wrote a coli, Mn in JJC’s Lex Review.  He received a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. He also completed over 80 hours of course work at Gwinnett Technical College with a concentration in Internet and Web Design.

FAMILY LIFE:  Wade is married with four children.  His youngest girls graduated from Gwinnett County Public Schools.  His youngest daughter was a STEM and GIFTED student and currently attends Mercer University.  Wade is deeply rooted in Christianity, christened and confirmed in the St. John’s Anglican Church in Antigua and as time permits worships at Dacula Methodist Church.  His hobbies are writing, cycling, jogging, and photography. 

WORK EXPERIENCE:  Wade places a very high value on education and this commitment was highlighted when he helped raise $541,000 during a Fundraiser for Junior Achievement (JA) in 2007 while working at AT&T. The company matched the amount 100%, and over $1M was donated to the Atlanta area JA through his efforts and others. While working at AT&T/Bellsouth for five years, which was the largest telecom in the world by revenue at that time, Wade served as a Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Professional, and a Project Administrator with a portfolio that contained projects over $100 million. 

Wade’s work connection with Georgia’s Transaction Alley industry is crucial to an understanding of his overall work experience.  According to, “Every time you swipe, tap or insert your card and even pay with your phone, there’s a good chance the transaction will be processed here in Georgia.  That’s because nearly 70 percent of all payment card transactions are processed here, and more than half of U.S. financial technology firms are based in the Atlanta area.”  In that connection, he worked at InComm, a leader in Atlanta’s Transaction Alley, which is a leader in financial services, digital footprint, and telecom provider for eight- and one-half years.  

Wade led fundraising efforts at InComm for Partners for Care and the money raised facilitated the purchase of safe-water backpacks providing clean drinking water for the people of Kenya limiting the transmission of disease and saving lives.  This background significantly broadened Wade’s work experience as a Business Intelligence professional in multiple roles over the past 23 years.

He currently works at a national financial services company as a Business Intelligence professional creating enterprise credit fraud and disputes solutions.  Wade is experienced in successfully managing large multi-million-dollar projects. So, for example, when he was tasked with the responsibility of managing a billing application that billed a single client $21 Million dollars per month, he exceeded expectations and improved the on-time billing efficiency by 76%.  In addition, he developed and wrote a computer application that monitored over $2 billion that yielded $50 million year breakage and the company was able to save money that consumers never redeemed from gift cards.

SERVICE:  Wade was the Editor-in-Chief of TRHS newspaper, The Square Deal; a member of the Model Congress Club; a member of the Caribbean Students Association; and he served as a Service Aide to the Deans.  The New York City Board of Education awarded Wade “The Cooperation in Government Certificate for Service and Citizenship” upon graduation in June 1980, which he is extremely proud of today.  He worked at the World Trade Center after the first bombing for Burns International Security under the direction of Former New York City Detective Samuel Mercado.  Wade has volunteered with InComm to serve at MedShare in Decatur, GA helping package medical supplies for those in need both in the United States and around the world.  In addition, he was the Gwinnett County Democratic 72nd Precinct Captain in the 2004 Election campaign cycle that helped to elect Curt Thompson as a State Senator, and Brian Thomas as a State Assemblyman. He is a Co-Founder of the Antigua and Barbuda Association of Georgia (ABAG), elected to serve on the Executive Committee, and currently the Fundraising Subcommittee Chair in addition to his duties as a member of the Membership Committee.  As a leader in ABAG, Wade has led fundraising efforts which include its most recent to raise funds to aid a single mother with eleven-year old triplet daughters, whose home was destroyed in a fire in Antigua and Barbuda.  Wade never forgets his beginnings and therefore, he gives back and forward.

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I will work with Gwinnett County to stabilize property taxes for the residents of Dacula the same way that I have worked with the County to stabilize my own property taxes.  I bought my house in 2016, and my property tax was about $2,800 per year.  My property tax soon almost doubled in 3 years.  I called the County Tax Assessor’s office, and questioned it, as a result I have signed a document, so and has the county.  My property taxes are fixed at the agreed upon assessment and they will not raise them for the next three years.  I do not think that the County Tax Assessor should continue the practice of raising property taxes based solely on the property value, but maybe increase the Homestead Exemption. Families with a 30-year mortgage could be forced out of their homes with these outdated and out of control property value assessment methodologies and add a burden to our neighbors and fellow homeowners.



I strongly oppose the Inland Pass multi-use complex on Harbins Road.  According to published reports, the City Council has voted to bring heavy traffic, potential property value decrease, loud music, and crime to our close-knit community.  We have chosen to live in our quiet city, because we do not want the hustle and bustle of a major city.  “Dacula City Council unanimously voted on July 1 to rezone about 74 acres on Harbins Road.  The action will allow WWP Acquisition, an affiliate of Atlanta-based Watkins Real Estate Group, to build 320 multi-family apartments, 180 units of senior apartments ( Click Here To Read:  500 Unit Apartment Article) and 63,000 square feet of retail”, according to Tyler Wilkins (July 9, 2021) of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The City Council could have instead developed downtown Dacula into the historic quaint city with the look and homely feel that we’ve come to love about it.

Known as Inland Pass, the $124 million, “pedestrian-friendly” development will dedicate about 6.4 acres for an office or industrial building and 17.9 acres for a park. The senior community and multi-family apartments, intended for young professionals and individuals without children, will each have entrance gates.  Are they pulling the wool over our eyes?  I think so.  This colossal complex cannot be pedestrian friendly as it is being described.  There is going to be a lot of traffic at the intersection of 316 and Harbins Rd.  Why would we want an industrial building near our beautiful and family friendly homes?  This is a project that is does not benefit most of the residents of Dacula. Vote Wade Anthony. 



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